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~* ~ About Scarlette ~ * ~

I'm just a recent Dragon Quest fan who loves to support Dragon Quest couples!

I import Japanese DQ fanart and deeply respect the creators who
work very hard on it. So please respect the original creators :)

Favorite games-

* The Wild Arms series [ major fan of the series! ]

* Suikoden, Disgaea, Breath of Fire, Pokemon, Shadow Hearts, Lunar, Dragon Quest, Threads of Fate, Final Fantasy, Chrono Cross, Touhou, Harvest Moon, etc.

Other favorites
- Candy, Steak, girly stuff, weapons, drawing fanart and OCs, being lazy, reading, enjoying nature, plushies, cutesy stuff, Tea, Winter, Wine, writing stories, VIDEO GAMES! ! ! ! ! !

Ask me anything! Favorite couple, food, season, you name it. Personal but not too personal, ya hear?

~ * ~ Sites I'm always active on


~ * ~JP sites

* http:/www.dragonquest.jp/

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Reply JessicaAlbert13
5:10 PM on May 31, 2012 
WA-HA! I posted one of my drawings on Member's Art! According to our agreement you must post something next! That agreement we made like the first time we live chatted on DQ-HQ. I never forget a promise!
Reply JessicaAlbert13
8:25 PM on May 14, 2012 
Oh, have you done any Dragon Quest drawings? I'd love to see your artwork of Maribel and the hero!
Reply JessicaAlbert13
11:18 PM on March 1, 2012 
Actually as long as you hand money over colleges usually let you in. No questions asked. XD
Reply JessicaAlbert13
10:37 PM on March 1, 2012 
Yo. How are you doing, Scarlette? I had to drop out of college to take care of my mom. She had hernia surgery. She's fully recovered now but I don't want to go back to college yet.
Reply JessicaAlbert13
1:19 PM on December 5, 2011 
getting more DQ fans to join the site would be nice. Maybe you could advertise the site or mention it to some deviantart members?
Reply JessicaAlbert13
7:55 PM on December 4, 2011 
Actually I don't have a Deviant Art account. I can't draw so I've never made an account. I visit the site a lot to browse artwork but that's it.
Reply JessicaAlbert13
11:59 PM on November 26, 2011 
Reply JessicaAlbert13
5:01 PM on November 11, 2011 
YAY! I can log in again! I don't know what happened there but for a week I couldn't log in! And I had new pictures to post and everything!
Reply JessicaAlbert13
4:43 PM on September 22, 2011 
It looks like we have a new member. 32 members so far, but they never post anything DQ related. Sometimes they end up posting ads. I can never tell when it's an actual person or some weird ad-posting virus
Reply JessicaAlbert13
3:44 PM on September 7, 2011 
Yo! I haven't been online in a while, but I'm happy you're still here.
Reply JessicaAlbert13
5:36 PM on August 22, 2011 
It's just community college but still pretty exciting.
Reply JessicaAlbert13
6:45 PM on August 17, 2011 
Sorry! I haven't been on in a while. I was signing up for college! But don't kill me off, I'm back, I'm back!
Reply JessicaAlbert13
9:49 PM on July 27, 2011 
I was able to thwart Mortamor at level 47. Very difficult battle though, almost didn't make it. I had Carver casting Zing on most of my healers (and I don't recommend making him a priest, I swear his zing has about a 10% chance of reviving anyone!)
Reply JessicaAlbert13
9:09 PM on July 27, 2011 
I already beat Mortamor in DQ VI! He is a tough boss, especially since he has three forms. He killed my party the first time I tried facing him. Second time I had Nevan using multiheal about every turn and Ashlynn using Hustle Dance.
Reply JessicaAlbert13
6:15 PM on July 20, 2011 
Ramune? I got melon ramune in my fridge! I live near an H mart, it's like an all Asian grocery store. My favorite flavor of Ramune would have to be strawberry though.~
Reply JessicaAlbert13
8:38 PM on July 9, 2011 
Reply JessicaAlbert13
10:12 PM on July 4, 2011 
Oh I see you wanted to add a pic to the Japanese section. I had that closed off cuz the last time I let guys post pics there the site was over-run by hentai. (it was a nightmare).

I'll open it up to all users again. But that's the only rule: no graphic hentai.

Feel free to post more pics! And thanks for having the artist's information!
Reply JessicaAlbert13
10:02 PM on July 4, 2011 
Yo! Welcome to the HQ, Scarlette! Thanks for joining!! Botsu and Ashlynn? I personally think Carver and Milly are cute together too~

I love Lunar Silver Star too! I bought the PSP remake and loooved it.


Please contact Supercybertv, Jessicalbert13, 1337BleachFan or Lord Roto if you need any help on the website

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