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Greetings, class! Tis JessicaAlbert13! I have decided to re-do my old evaluation of the Knights Templar and post some true-knighted factoids! At ease, men!


The term "Templar" comes from the word temple. The Knights Templar had their first headquarters in the Temple Mount, a former mosque that is believed to have been the location of the Temple of Solomon. After the first crusade in 1099 pilgrims in Europe wanted to travel to the Holy Land. Although Jerusalem was captured and under relatively safe Christian control, the surrounding desert and cities were dangerous. Bandits would prey on these unarmed, average Christian travelers. Hugues de Payens, a French knight, had the brillant idea to build an order of monks to guide and protect these travelers. These would be no average monks, however, they would be knights!


Nine knights formed this order and united under the same banner. Although they had the permission of Jersualem's King they were still a poor army. They relied heavily on donations. The Order was so poor in fact their emblem became that of two knights riding the same horse! They were called Poor Fellow-Soldiers of Christ.


The Templars soon developed many admiriers, one being Saint Bernard of Clairvaux. When Saint Bernard began to laud the Templar's achievements, Kings and noblemen quickly began to take interest in this unique order.


These knights rose and prayed at dawn and took their meals in silence, just as monks do. A perfect Templar had the 'mildness of a monk and valor of a knight.' Tempars were sworn to protect travelers in the Holy Land. They were to guide pilgrims and defend them from bandits and Saracens.


The head of the Templars was the Templar Grand Master and the Grand Master's assistant was called a seneschal. The Templar Grand Master was the supreme commander, with each country having a Master that reported to him. The seneschal took on more of the secretarial duties. A Grand Master's job was not a cushy one, he too was expected to fight in battle alongside his men! A Templar was only allowed to retreat if they were outnumbered 3 to 1, and if a Templar's horse fell in battle he was expected to die alongside his steed! The only man the Templar Grand Master answered to was the Pope. The first Templar Grand Master was Hugues de Payens. Most Templar Grand Masters served for life, with only a few retiring in their old age to live at monasteries.


Like monks, the Templars took vows of chastity, poverty, and obedience. Poverty being obvious - no personal effects. Obedience meant absolute devotion to the church, God,and the pope. Chastity means no sex, women were off-bounds! If a Knight was found having a romantic tyrst with a woman he would be punished severely and sometimes stripped of his rank. There was a loop-hole however. If a married nobleman joined the Order and he was of high position (and wealthy) he was allowed to continue seeing his wife. In other cases, the knight would join the Order and his wife would join alongside him as a nun; their marriage still valid but no more physical contact allowed.


The Templar Order held strong for about 200 years. During this time the Templars became a formidable power. To "Drink like a Templar" became a coined phrase referring to the Order's immense wealth. Templars served not just as soldiers, but as bankers as well! In fact, Templars invented the traveler's check! Templars would take and hold noblemen's home and effects while the lord was off at war. If that lord wished to use some of his wealth he would show special papers to a Templar HQ and that lord would be given the amount printed on his papers. These papers were written by the Templars and used secret writing techniques, known as ciphers, so only they could decode them. Templars eventually began to befriend the Saracens, who were of Muslim faith. Templars and Saracens formed an understanding, and Tempalrs brought over some of their Muslim ways to Europe, and improved trade with them. However the Templars were better known for their prowess in battle and their victories and defeats in the Crusades.


Many myths about the Templars abound. The most infamous being that the Templars held the Holy Grail. You'll have to watch Monty Python for more on that. Other myths include that the Templars brought over the game of chess to Europe and some myths even say Templars invented the game. Darker myths told of the Templars worshipping a heathern head, known as Head 58. Some say the head was that of the Goddess of wisdom, Sophia. It is rumored that the Templars worshipped Sophia, the woman of wisdom, but some historians believe Sophia was another name for the Egyptian mythical goddess Isis. Rumors and gossip was rapt with the secret 'evil' ways of Templars, saying they drank blood, indulged in sodomy, and were plotting to overthrow world leaders.


The Templars sad end came on Friday, April 13, 1307. King Philip the IV of France destroyed the Order and blamed the knights for terrible crimes and atrocities. The Templars were accused of horrendous crimes, of murder, of spitting on the cross, and of woshipping false idols. Knights were dragged from their monasteries and tortured mercilessly. The last Templar Grand Master Jacques de Molay was burned at the stake. When the Order had completely fallen their wealth was taken by the new pope - who had been elected by King Philip IV - and given to other Christian orders. 


His reasons for destroying the Order are shrouded in mystery and suspicion, not much is known about King Philip the IV. Many believe he saw the Templars as a threat, and that he himself was buried in debt to them. Others say the Templars had become a hedoistic order, only interested in their own profits. Even wilder rumors claim a small number of knights were able to escape, and they took the Templar's most valued treasures with them.   


The Templars have a fascinating history! I have only scratched the surface of it here. There are untold tales and legends of the Templars in the tomes of history. If you have any Templar Knight knowledge impart it onto the masses and increase our knowledge!


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Much better than the older post. It's amazing how Dragon Quest inspires you to delve into history. If only your DQ crazed love could land you a job.


You didn't mention how a knight becomes a knight. To be a Templar you had to be a knight first. Knights began their training at age 7 and once they reached their 21st birthday they were knighted by a lord. Knight training was expensive though so usually only sons of noble birth were able to achieve knighthood, or boys adopted and sponsored by noblemen. Some guys never even passed knight school and they remained squires the rest of their lives, helping knights with weapons and horses. A commoner could only be knighted if he performed some incredible feat during war time and proved himself in battle. Not just any average joe could be a Templar. He had to devote himself to knight training first then take those vows of celibacy and obedience and the like. Warrior monks, indeed it is a fascinating subject.



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