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Fortunate or Unfortunate: Fortune Street Review

Posted by JessicaAlbert13 on May 3, 2012 at 4:40 PM

Recently the only Dragon Quest games to come out have been spin-offs. The latest, Fortune Street for the Wii, is a Monopoly twist with Dragon Quest and Mario characters.


Angelo, Jessica, and Bianca can face off against Princess Peach, Luigi, and Bowser. Carver can bust a few Yoshi heads and Donkey Kong can shove some slimes in a barrel. It's an interesting concept, but the game is aimed for a younger 8 and up audience.


In Japan Fortune Street is called Itadaki Street and three games have been released under the Itadaki name. In fact Yuji Horii himself directs the Itadaki games. There are two Itadaki game featuring Mario with Dragon Quest; America got only the recent Wii version.


While I love Mario as much as the next Peach, I was hoping the second Itadaki Street would come to America. The PS2 version of Itadaki Street features Dragon Quest with Final Fantasy. Now there's a combination for the ages! What fan, Dragon Quest lover or Final Fantasy hater, doesn't want to see that?! In fact I'm not totally against Final Fantasy myself. I enjoy Final Fantasy PSP games such as FF1, FF2, and FF4, but I take the SpoonyOne's stance in that all Final Fantasy games after 7 suck chocobo balls.


A-hem, I got off track there, back to the Fortune Street review....


There's no actual story to follow in Fortune Street. In the game you merely unlock outfits and dress up your Miis in Mario or DQ regalia. By yourself, Fortune Street can be pretty dull. You'll be wanting to shove that dice right up Mario's mushroom hole after an hour. With friends and family joining in Fortune Street can be a blast. It's a competitive game and the winner is the one with the most gold. For friends and family Fortune Street is great, but by yourself Fortune Street can be Dull Street.


So final word: Fortune Street is a great game for families who adore Mario or Dragon Quest or both. But if you're a loner Fortune Street isn't worth the gold. For hard core collectors you may want it simply to place it on your Dragon Quest memorabilla shelf.That's what I did at least. Right next to my Troll head trophy. But overall I give the Fortune Street only 3 stars.

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1 Comment

Reply Lord Roto
10:56 PM on May 26, 2012 
I was so blown away that they decided to bring this over to the states instead of like Battle Road Victory. Good review though. I liked fortune street, but my biggest complaint was that all of the unlockables were only obtained in the single player mode. You gained nothing from playing with your friends, and to unlock all the great gear, you need to play and grind through every single map in single player on both rule types. Insane logic.


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