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Into the Legend!

Posted by JessicaAlbert13 on August 14, 2012 at 5:00 PM Comments comments (158)

I haven't written a review in a while. A bit lazy on my part. I'm no Spoony when it comes to reviewing games but I get the factoids out there.


Now, have you guys been suffering from the Dragon Quest blues? The latest DQ game out there is Fortune Street for the Wii, and let's admit it, it doesn't do much to satisfy that DQ itch. It's Monopoly with Mario and DragonLord. Sadly not as exciting as it sounds. There's Dragon Quest Monster Joker 2, but after losing to Canzar nine times in a row you get kind of frustrated. Monsters is only truly fun if you have friends to battle with. For a lone gamer DQMJ2 can be a bit of a bore. In Japan Dragon Quest X was released August 2, 2012 for the Wii After watching gameplay footage of DQ X I bet there are a few of you out there willing to sell your soul to own a copy of the game now (or is it just me?).


With no new quest for us heroes to embark on, what are we suppose to do? Well, I have the solution for you! Let's take a trip back in the Nintendo timeline! Before there was the Wii, before there was 3DS, before there was the DSiXL, before there was the DSi, before there was the DS, before there was the Gamecube, before there was the Gameboy Advance there was.... THE GAMEBOY COLOR!


(Is it just me or are there way too many DS versions...? Money grubbing Nintendo hot shots laughing as they bathe in our money...)


Ahem, back to what I was talking about: the gameboy color! Yes! Anyone from the 90s know about ye olde gameboy color! Why, the gameboy color was JessicaAlbert13's first gaming system! She unwrapped it one Christmas morning and basked in its tiny purple glory. The Gameboy Color, the purple handheld system that ate AA batteries like a pot-bellied dragon.


Why am I telling you about this ancient piece of Nintendo history? Because the Gameboy Color can satisy that Dragon Quest craving of yours!


Before Dragon Quest was called Dragon Quest it was named Dragon Warrior (there was a lawsuit with Dungeons and Dragons back then, stupid stuff). In America Dragon Warrior, Dragon Warrior II, Dragon Warrior III, and Dragon Warrior IV were released for the ancient NES.


BUT THEN along came the Gameboy Color! Dragon Warrior I & II were re-released for the purple handheld in a two-for-one game. And there was no more archaic speech patterns! No "Ye olde man" and such blathering. Dragon Warrior III was released also with a far better translation than the NES system, better graphics, and a kickass story! Not only that but Dragon Warrior Monsters with Terry was released for the GBC along with Monsters 2 with both Tara and Cobi's Journey.


The Gameboy Color has FIVE Dragon Quest/Warrior games on it! (Cobi and Tara counted as two).


I highly recommend digging out your old gameboy color and finding these games!


A few years ago I found a copy of Dragon Warrior III at a used game shop. It wasn't until recently that I was finally able to complete it, and I must say....




The game is amazing! It starts up slow but then it picks up and the dungeon and lore are incredible! The game's world is based off the actual world map! There's a tiny Japan, a tiny India town with its own Ganges River (that river is sacred in India, said to be a goddess), and Native Americans live in a village called Soo!


I had my doubts about DW III at first but now I love it! I got emotionally attached to the game! The hero's mother, Ortega, the elven girl and her human lover.... and the part I enjoyed the most was chasing after that pirate ship! That was freaking SWEET! Hunting down a ghost ship in the wide ocean! Dragon Quest needs more haunted pirate ships! And more lady pirates!


And I highly recommend taking a jester into your party immediantly. They're actually useful in combat! My jester once tripped and caused a critical hit on Kandar! And once they hit level 20 you get a free Sage! You can find the Book of Zen in the tower north of Dharma Temple but still Jesters rule.


Dragon Warrior III has so much to do! There are TnT boards (my favorite mini-game in both III and DQ V) and if you collect enough mini medals you get a bikini. If you equip the bikini on a female character she actually walks around IN A BIKINI! You can have a female hero defeat the final boss IN A BIKINI! The bikini is actually great armor too.


And Zoma... OH! Another villain I love to HATE. Taking him on was so satisfying. And his final words, talk about foreshadowing!


In Japan, the game's full name is Dragon Quest III: Into the Legend. And it's such a plot twist at the end! OOOOOH! I just adore Dragon Warrior III! Rubiss, Lamia (or Ramia, in Japanese there are no L's), Ortega, Loto, the game has everything a DQ fan needs!


If you haven't played Dragon Warrior III on the Gameboy Color I recommend you try it. No, not recommend, YOU MUST. Go to a used game story or order it! Sure you can play it on the emulator but you don't experience the full joy unless you hold it in your own hands!


Dragon Warrior III get five stars.


Positives: Engaging storyline, surprise twists, interesting dungeons and characters, challenging bosses and monsters, you can choose your own party's class and personality, two huge worlds to explore


Negatives: Slow start, level grinding and monster slaying for money, plot clues aren't always obvious, everyone jokes how the female hero looks like a boy (I think she's pretty!), your party members rarely speak (your dealer will speak to you often in the immigrant town, but there are few instances when they actually talk, i.e. examine a mirror),


And that's my review of Dragon Warrior III: Into the Legend! If you're in need of a slimey pick-me up then find this game and start questing!

Tidbits of DQ X Info

Posted by JessicaAlbert13 on May 16, 2012 at 4:10 PM Comments comments (0)

Here's an old post by LeetBleachFan:


Another tidbit of info on DQ X. Since the Wii U was announced this year, the dudes working on DQ X are considering making two different versions of the game, one for Wii and one for Wii U. Plotwise, the games should be identical but gameplaywise they should be totally different.                  


Now back to Jess13: Remember, the release date for Dragon Quest X in Japan is August 2, 2012. Other release dates are still unknown.


And again remember that DQ X will be an MMO RPG. But like with the WiiU, two versions of Dragon Quest X will be released. One version allows you to play the game solo without a MMO membership. The other puts you in the MMO world, but as with MMOs you will have to pay a fee (monthly, yearly? who knows?)


And that's it for this update. Next entry will be a review of DQ Monsters Joker 2.


                                                   - JessicaAlbert13 (and 1337BleachFan) 5-16-2012

A Study of Monsters

Posted by JessicaAlbert13 on May 9, 2012 at 2:35 PM Comments comments (4)

Often called a Pokemon copycat, the Dragon Quest Monster series has never been particularly popular. Not many reviewers care to go over the games, and even some Dragon Quest fans shrug when the spin off series is mentioned. Then there are purely Dragon Quest Monsters fans who adore the series and know nothing of the Dragon Quest series Monsters originates from. The Monsters series has morphed rapidly since its first release and has never quite stayed the same.


Perhaps if the games had closer ties to the main series players would be encouraged to try a Monster or two. Dragon Quest Monsters, the first in the series released in 1998 for the Gameboy Color, featured Terry from Dragon Quest VI as the hero. This game proved successful in Japan, telling the tale of young Terry saving his beloved older sister. The game was even released in America in 1999 despite the fact Dragon Quest VI didn't see American shores until 2011. Dragon Warrior Monsters wasn't as popular as Dragon Quest Monsters, but still the series proved to pique the interest of fans.


Then Dragon Quest Monsters 2 was released, both of them in 2001. This game took place in a world separate from any known in the Dragon Quest universe. The heroes were unknown characters, Iru/Cobi the boy and Marta/Tara the girl, once again siblings like Terry and Milayou/Milly. The unique factor of Dragon Quest Monsters 2 was that it was two games: Cobi's Adventure and Tara's Adventure, sold separately and both playable on the GameBoy Color. Tara and Cobi belong to a family of monster breeders and must venture from land to land recruiting monsters to stop their home island from sinking. There weren't many differences in the two besides the fact that one played as a boy and the other as a girl with slight variations in monster types and story.


Dragon Quest Monsters and Dragon Quest Monsters 2 were re-released together in 2002 for the PS1. This PS1 game included all three games wrapped in one package. What a deal! However this three-for-one PS1 game was never released in America. (That fact personally peeves me.)


After Cobi and Tara's Adventures came Dragon Quest Monsters 3. This game went back to the original Monster's formula and starred a Dragon Quest character. Keifer, the rogue prince of Dragon Quest VII, is the hero of Caravan Hearts for the GBA, Gameboy Advance. Keifer, Estard's young prince, escapes from his father's wrath by hiding in a closet. But a wicked monster is at work. He traps Keifer in the closet and transports the boy to another world. This world is well know - it's the home of the legendary Loto from the first three main Dragon Quest games! Keifer must rescue Loto's descendants and find a way back home! Caravan Hearts changed the battle system used before in the Monsters game. Now humans can be recruited into the ranks, and Keifer must keep his caravan well equipped and his party fed. Although America saw Dragon Warrior VII in 2001 Caravan Hearts was never released outside Japan.


That does it for the first three Monsters game. Terry, Cobi, Tara, and Keifer never venture into the series again. By the fourth Monsters game the series had taken a dramatic change, a change that completely changed the look - and title - of the series.


The fourth Monsters game was released for the DS in 2006 with 3D graphics, giving the game a look that mirrored Dragon Quest VIII's groundbreaking look. But no longer does the word Monsters do credit to the series. The fourth game's full title is Dragon Quest Monsters Joker. There is no '4' to indicate it is a part of the Monsters series. The game was released with the same title in America in 2007. The Joker series is a new Monsters series in its own right.


Dragon Quest Monsters Joker saw more popularity than the first three games, and created its own world, a world used later in Monsters Joker 2. The hero isn't a cute smiling boy but a tough looking lone swordsman type with spikey hair and a don't-mess-with-me attitude. Joker even begins with the hero being released out of a prison cell his own father put him in! The game's early story is strong, introducing us to the sinister Warden Trump and the mysterious creature known as Incarnus. What is Trump's motive and where did the Incarnus come from and why can it talk and change form? However the game's difficulty level can prove too much for a player, and the storyline begins to fall short in the middle. Overall, it's an OK game if you're a real Dragon Quest fan and the Monsters series interest you, but if the Monsters series proves too Pokemon-esque and grinding, stick to the main series.


Joker isn't over yet, though. Joker 2 is the latest in the Monsters on the same DS system as its prequel. Released in Japan in 2010 and a year later in America in 2011, Dragon Quest Monsters Joker 2 is a new gem in the Dragon Quest library. In fact, my personal opinion is that Joker 2 puts all all other Monsters and Pokemon games to shame! No longer can DQ Monsters be called a Pokemon wannabe with Joker 2 in the ring! Joker 2 is an amazing game with story, graphics, and gameplay that put it in a league of its own.


Stay on alert for when I publish Joker 2's review! -JessicaAlbert13 5-9-2012

Fortunate or Unfortunate: Fortune Street Review

Posted by JessicaAlbert13 on May 3, 2012 at 4:40 PM Comments comments (1)

Recently the only Dragon Quest games to come out have been spin-offs. The latest, Fortune Street for the Wii, is a Monopoly twist with Dragon Quest and Mario characters.


Angelo, Jessica, and Bianca can face off against Princess Peach, Luigi, and Bowser. Carver can bust a few Yoshi heads and Donkey Kong can shove some slimes in a barrel. It's an interesting concept, but the game is aimed for a younger 8 and up audience.


In Japan Fortune Street is called Itadaki Street and three games have been released under the Itadaki name. In fact Yuji Horii himself directs the Itadaki games. There are two Itadaki game featuring Mario with Dragon Quest; America got only the recent Wii version.


While I love Mario as much as the next Peach, I was hoping the second Itadaki Street would come to America. The PS2 version of Itadaki Street features Dragon Quest with Final Fantasy. Now there's a combination for the ages! What fan, Dragon Quest lover or Final Fantasy hater, doesn't want to see that?! In fact I'm not totally against Final Fantasy myself. I enjoy Final Fantasy PSP games such as FF1, FF2, and FF4, but I take the SpoonyOne's stance in that all Final Fantasy games after 7 suck chocobo balls.


A-hem, I got off track there, back to the Fortune Street review....


There's no actual story to follow in Fortune Street. In the game you merely unlock outfits and dress up your Miis in Mario or DQ regalia. By yourself, Fortune Street can be pretty dull. You'll be wanting to shove that dice right up Mario's mushroom hole after an hour. With friends and family joining in Fortune Street can be a blast. It's a competitive game and the winner is the one with the most gold. For friends and family Fortune Street is great, but by yourself Fortune Street can be Dull Street.


So final word: Fortune Street is a great game for families who adore Mario or Dragon Quest or both. But if you're a loner Fortune Street isn't worth the gold. For hard core collectors you may want it simply to place it on your Dragon Quest memorabilla shelf.That's what I did at least. Right next to my Troll head trophy. But overall I give the Fortune Street only 3 stars.

Dragon Quest VI: Amos Amore!

Posted by JessicaAlbert13 on March 1, 2011 at 6:23 PM Comments comments (2)

Dragon Quest VI was officially released in North America on Feb. 15, 2011 (not on actual V-Day? Those heartbreakers!).


And the game so far......




The world is expansive and the monsters even tougher than before! Even the graphics system has been improved with some of that old SNES flair! Monsters can't join you like before, but if you keep a slimey eye out you can recruit a few goo companions! If you fell in love with the bride and got your chapter chosen before, Dragon Quest VI will come at you like a Revelation!


Party-chat was kept in the game, and if you're anything like me, you'll turn on your DS just to hear what Carver and Old Amos have to say! Even if you don't feel like bashing a few monster skulls, just walking around town and chatting to villagers and your party will keep you busy! The plot of the story is unlike any other in the series or entire video game realm, and you'll only unlock it fully if you keep your eyes and ears open!


And Ashlynn is the greatest addition to your party, right? She's, like, so cute and talkative, right? I hope she stays in my party forever! I adore her now. (I just really hope saying all that didn't set me up for a fail...)


JessicaAlbert13 has a new fav in the game! Dragon Quest VI! Thank the Goddess! (and Nintendo DS and Square Enix and Arte Piazza). And of course, Sugiyama, Toyiama, and Horii for making this game possible! (oh, and the English translators, they did a lot too, and every other person who helped work on the game or love the game as well)!


-JessicaAlbert13 3/1/2011



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